Tuesday, 23 June 2015


5 Spanish Police Officers Arrested for Fighting!

2 groups of off-duty cops brawled using FISTS & BOTTLES in a Bar

FIVE National Police Officers have been arrested after participating in a fight during the early hours of Friday with other policemen in a nightlife area in which several people were injured. The incident was reported on Saturday by police sources.  The scuffle occurred in the village of “Marinero” where 5 riot officers got into a fight with 5 regular officers from another city. The reason they began to argue inside one of the local bars is unknown. 

The discussion ended in a fistfight! Bottles were also used! 

2 Policemen were taken to hospital due to their injuries.

The off-duty scrapping cops were arrested by on-duty colleagues who had been alerted.  The detained officers gave statements at the Police Station [Where they work?!] and were released pending the Court’s decision on the case.

Source: El Faro Digital / Ceuta / Sucesos / "Detenidos Cinco Policia Nacional / Pelea Entre Agentes

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