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The World's 100 Best Clubs 2018

Voting for "World's 100 Best Clubs 2018" is Open!

280 candidates from 53 countries can be voted to rank on the "World's 100 Best Clubs" list

The list will be made public on November 14th in Bogotá, Colombia

"Golden Moon Awards" 4th Edition

The International Nightlife Association has opened today the voting period for the list of "The World's 100 Best Clubs of 2018" and will be open until October 14th, 2018. 

This year 280 clubs in total from 53 countries are competing to appear on the list. The leading countries are USA with 47 nominations followed by Spain with 44. Other countries with nominated clubs include the UK with 18 nominees,and Brazil matching China with 11. 

Other countries which with nominees are the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Colombia, Belgium, Russia, South Africa, Thailand, Germany, Japan, the Philippines, Italy, India and Argentina, among many others.

The most famous location, regarding international nightlife offer, is Ibiza, where the "Golden Moon Awards" were hosted last year and takes the lead with 15 clubs nominated to be on the list:
  • Ushuaïa
  • DC10
  • Blue Marlin
  • Heart
  • Km5
  • Amnesia
  • Pacha
  • Lío
  • Cafe Mambo
  • Ocean Beach
  • Destino
  • Nassau Beach Club
  • Sankeys
  • Privilege

Las Vegas hosted the event in 2016 where 14 clubs have been nominated: 
  • Omnia
  • Hakkasan
  • XS
  • Jewel
  • Foxtail SLS
  • Marquee
  • Drai's
  • Chateau
  • Rooftop
  • TAO
  • Light Mandalay Bay
  • Hyde in Bellagio
  • 1OAK
  • Intrigue at Wynn
  • Vanity

Competition to appear on the list, and especially to win the award for "Best Club in the World" (2018), will be highly fought for. 

Votes from the general public will be accepted from today and which will represent 30% of the final vote. The other 70% will be decided by a professional panel of Tourism & Nightlife experts who will consider a number of factors, including:
  • Artistic program
  • Security measures in place
  • VIP services available
  • Online reservation facilities
  • National and international awards or tests passed
  • Sound quality
  • Soundproofing measures
  • Care of environment

Each factor will be evaluated by a panel of professionals who will score points.

Joaquim Boadas - INA General Secretary, described this contest as "a way to encourage nightclubs around the world to be on the list. There are many options available for clubs, including investments and updating facilities, implementing quality measures, improving services provided and security control to make the market more competitive, attractive and safe. These improvements would benefit clubbers and give more prestige to the nightlife industry, which is our main aim."

At last year's gala in Ibiza, 1st Prize was awarded to "Ushuaïa" in Ibiza and "Omnia" in Las Vegas was 2nd. 3rd and 4th places were for "Zouk" in South Korea and "Hakkassan" also in Las Vegas.

The 5th "International Nightlife Congress" will be held this year together along with the "ExpoBar" Trade Fair in Bogota, on the 14th of November, when the final list including "The World's 100 Best Clubs 2018" will be presented.

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Tuesday, 6 March 2018



"Nightlife Mayors" from Amsterdam, Berlin and Zurich will attend the 2nd National Nightlife Congress (Congreso Nacional de Ocio Nocturno - CNON) in Valencia

CNON will be held at Feria Valencia 24th and 25th of April

CNON, the 2nd National Nightlife Congress already has three big names on its poster: Mirik Milan, Lutz Leichsenring and Alexander Bücheli, known as the "Nightlife Mayors" of Amsterdam, Berlin and Zurich.

This figure is implanted in some of the most significant cities in Europe which have important nightlife activity and, under a similar name as "Syndic de la Noche", could be introduced in Valencia, which would become the the first Spanish city to have such a figure, and after Spain Nightlife proposed this for different Spanish cities like Madrid, Barcelona or Seville and, for its part, the Valencia Hotel Federation has claimed it from Valencia City Council, request to which other leisure business associations of the Valencian territory have joined, support from Spain Nightlife we ​​value very positively.

Government representatives, entrepreneurs, neighborhood associations and other groups will be able to find out in person the different types, names and duties of this figure known as the "Nightlife Mayor" adopted in different European cities and assess which of them could be feasible to adopt in a possible implementation in the city of Valencia.

At the moment this or similar figures exists at a European level in the cities of Amsterdam, Paris, London, Berlin and Zurich and they are taking great advantage of its implementation in terms of promotion of nightlife as a tourist attraction as well as in terms of prevention and resolution of conflicts at night.

CNON organizers, administration representatives, neighborhood representatives and other social groups from the city have already been invited to this meeting.

FEHV (Federacion Empresarial de Hosteleria de Valencia) is the most representative entity of the sector, together with Spain Nightlife, the national reference association in nightlife, integrated in the only representative global association of the sector, the International Nightlife Association (member in turn of the World Organization of Tourism of Nations United), which has extensive knowledge of the figure of this "mayor of the night", have already made themselves available to all of them to study the possible implementation of this figure, as proposed by the FEHV and Spain Nightlife. last week.

CNON will be held 24th and 25th April 2018 at the Feria Valencia and is organized by the Spain Nightlife Association, by the Valencia Hospitality Business Federation of (FEHV), Abbsolute Group and MCB Productions, in collaboration with the Valencia Tourism Agency and Tourism Valencia.

For more information call: +34902099500 

Congress website:

Wednesday, 1 November 2017


Sexual Harassment, Pub Crawls & Drinking Alcohol will be Fined if ANNOYING

Ada Colau's Government proposed modifying anti-social laws, differentiating between vulnerable and anti-social people, while focusing on use of public spaces when it is a nuisance, "from a more social than criminal approach"


"The new laws won't treat all cases equally: there are social cases due to loneliness, exclusion and problems which must be dealt with by Social Services, and not because of anti-social behaviour and causing a nuisance" - Deputy Mayor Jaume Asens

He emphasized Colau's Government goal is to move from the general public's right to use the city and to pursue exclusive and intense use of public spaces which may be annoying, and to improve equity, guarantees and efficiency, since currently 70% of fines aren't paid!

They propose to reduce sanctions which are "more proportional" and are the last resort - prioritizing community restitution work, especially in the offender's neighbourhood - except in cases due to noise and/or drinking alcohol when it's a nuisance, in which case, they propose to increase sanctions.

Barcelona City Council initially approved these proposals, which initiates the debate, with the aim of being definitively approved next summer and being effective from Autumn 2018.


Drinking alcohol in public will only be fined if it's a nuisance - based on what's established by the Citizen Security State Law - especially at night, when it's harder for residents to rest, in which case, they propose to increase sanctions.

This includes for the first time 'Pub Crawls' - aimed for tourists, which include free shots and nightclub entrance - banning them throughout Barcelona, while they are only currently banned in Ciutat Vella.

They foresee a new chapter on noise reduction in public spaces, which also plans to sanction noise from inside homes if it bothers the neighbors - until now it was only included in the Environment Ordinance - and the entrances and exits to nightlife venues if there is noise on the street.


Defends to include, in the event doesn't constitute a crime, discrimination of any kind - including "aporofobia" against poor people, and sexual harassment, such as groups harassing and some forms of touching, which will be sanctioned.

Advocates aim to stop banning ballgames - with about 40 fines a year, and 26 last year - to fining activities which endanger the integrity of others, such as ballgames but also other games only if they are dangerous to the public.


Council proposes to stop fining the offer of sexual services on the street, and doesn't fine clients as this is already contemplated in the Citizen Security Law, however they will begin to punish those who have sex in public (whether they are paid for it or not).


Current regulations only sanction if it's paid for, something the Council plans to extend to all cases when sexual relations are maintained in plain view, in public spaces or near schools.


This proposal eliminates the concept of begging and goes on to prohibit the coercion or harassment which prevents human traffic - such as cleaning car windows without consent or insistently asking for money - and continues to prohibit sleeping overnight in public, but not when there is no alternative housing.

The use of fountains for washing is no longer prohibited in the proposal, but may be sanctioned by the Environment Ordinance in the case of using chemical products which may affect the water or the environment.

Despite sleeping in public and camping are prohibited, it won't be fined if done due to freedom of expression, such as a protest.

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

International Nightlife Congress

International Nightlife Congress

Luxury speakers such as the Director of Affiliated Members of the United Nations World Tourism Organization, Yolanda Perdomo, former President of the New York Nightlife Association, Paul Seres, President of the Italian and European Nightlife Association , Maurizio Pasca or the President of the American Nightlife Association, Juan Carlos Díaz, will be speakers at this important international event of the nightlife sector that will be held in Ibiza on October 9th and 10th, and will cover all those subjects or aspects that are linked to nightlife, with the aim of improving the image of a sector that many times is unfairly harmed by practices contrary to the interests of the sector itself and with which nothing has to do.

Also, as the main novelty of this year's edition, we will discuss the issue of how sexual assault can be prevented in nightlife spaces as well as sexist behavior, such as using the image of women as a way to attract clients. It is possible to say that, from SPAIN NIGHTLIFE, our association member in Spain, we have been working for years in both tasks and in this sense we have worked with the Barcelona City Council in the campaign against gender violence that Is named "NO MEANS NO". Aslo we have included in the international nightlife safety seal that we are developing, the obligation to have a protocol to avoid sexual assault in nightlife spaces. Likewise, our association member SPAIN NIGHTLIFE has also sued practices that denigrate the image of women as the most recent case, that of the "Bailódromo Caña Dulce" nightclub in Barcelona that offered "free entrance and drink to girls who weren't wearing panties" or as we also did in 2014 in the unpleasant case of the phenomenon known as "MAMADING" (oral sex in exchange for drinks) that took place in Magaluf (Mallorca) a practice that we also denounce as illegal, as well as demeaning for women. From INTERNATIONAL NIGHTLIFE ASSOCIATION, as stated by our Chaiman to the president Mr. José Luis Benítez, "we have always defended a responsible and quality nightlife, respectful of people's rights and sexual equality, within the framework of which we promote values ​​such as professionalism, excellence and prestige of our sector, which is why we cannot allow this type of behavior to proliferate in our field of activity. Therefore, we are proud to be able to hold this congress in Ibiza and to deal with this problem head on, with the goal of eliminating it from the map of our sector". In this conference on protocols and measures to prevent sexual assaults and sexist behavior, Judith Romero, Equality Director of the Insular Council of Ibiza, will participate, among others. 

Other conferences that will take place in the framework of the International Congress will focus on the subject of security in nightlife spaces and will include, among others, Rafael Rodríguez, General Director of Bull Control Security, Joaquim Boadas, General Secretary of the International Nightlife Association, who will speak about the international nightlife safety seal, named "International Nightlife Safety Certified". According to Joaquim Boadas, "This international distinction aims to be very useful for tourists who travel from one country to another since, before starting their journey, they can know If the nightclub meets the minimum international safety requirements and if they are licensed – as the guide only includes licensed premises - and, based on this, they decide which club to go to, which they can do so by only consulting the International Nightlife Guide in which the International Nightlife Association is working on and has posted on its website

How to Deal with Binge Drinking & Drugs

Andrés García, General Director of Emergency Staff and Jim Peters, President of the Responsible Hospitality Institute of North America, will provide ideas and solutions to put into action to minimize these behaviors that severely damage the nightlife sector's image, even though, nightlife entrepreneurs have nothing to do with said behaviors.

The Importance of Nightlife Quality for a Tourist Destnation

Director of Affiliated Members of the United Nations World Tourism Organization, Yolanda Perdona, the President of the International Nightlife Association, Abel Matutes, the President of the European Nightlife Association, Maurizio Pasca, and the Representative of the Berlin Club Commission, Lutz Leichsenring who will talk about the importance of the musical offer for a city and the seal he has created to distinguish those cities or destinations. 

Nightlife and Noise Pollution

Tourism Director of the Consell d'Eivissa, Vicent Torres, Former President of the New York Nightlife Association, Paul Seres and the General Director of Auditec, Ana Espinel. The latter will explain the international seal of acoustic quality called "International Nightlife Acoustic Quality" in which Ana Espinel, has advanced the following, "the seal consists in implementing a set of good practices in nightlife establishments to protect workers and users hearing, as well as the rest of the neighbors near the premises that implement it".

Finally, the celebration of this Congress will be followed by the Gala of the Golden Moon Awards, the international nightlife awards, in the frame of which the list of The World's 100 Best Clubs 2017 will be announced and entrepreneurs, governments and individuals who have excelled in nightlife during the year will also be rewarded.

If you would like to attend the International Nightlife Congress and Golden Moon Awards, you can sign-up on our website: 

For more information contact us at +34 681135873 or +44 (0)7759854251 or via email at



3rd Golden Moon Awards


Ibiza hosts 4th International Nightlife Congress & 3rd Golden Moon Awards

They will unveil a list of The World's 100 Best Clubs and announce the Number #1

For the first time ever, selections will be largely based on clubbers' picking their favorite club on the International Nightlife Association's Facebook page

Held in Ibiza at the sumptuous Ushuaïa Tower

At last year's ceremony in Las Vegas, when the award for "World's Best Club" was given to "Omnia Las Vegas" second place went to 2015's champion "Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel". 

Third prize was nabbed by Brazil's "Green Valley" and "Pacha Ibiza" came in fourth.

The Golden Moon Awards themselves will be based on the nominations and votes received via Facebook

Nominees can be selected until September 3rd, with voting beginning on the 7th and ending the 25th

"We want club goers themselves to take part in deciding this exclusive list by nominations and ranking. In the final selection of top clubs, public vote counts for 30% and the remaining 70% is decided by a panel of experts composed of industry luminaries, beverage company execs, tourism insiders and INA members."

In addition to naming and celebrating "The World's 100 Best Clubs", the Gala features honors like Most Developed Nightlife Business, Best Outreach, Best Nightlife Group, Best Sound and Best VIP Service... 17 awards in total.

As part of the International Nightlife Congress's 4th year, a quartet of global experts will explore four nightlife areas, like the creation of quality standards and protocol within the industry and success stories such as Ibiza.

Organizer Joaquim Boadas said "a gathering of key industry players who regard Ibiza as a benchmark in leisure and entertainment" and asserted "nightlife has put Ibiza on the map and it's important we carry this forward".

Abel Matutes Prats, President of the International Nightlife Association and General Manager of "Palladium" Hotel Group, said he was proud this event and gala were celebrated in Ibiza.

Organizers thanked Palladium Hotel Group and the local authority "Consell d'Eivissa" for supporting the Congress in crusading to raise the bar with professional tourism and nightlife "by creating a forum for sharing experiences and giving a way to strategies and new tools for improving our image in the industry".

The island's Director of Tourism of the Consell d'Eivissa, Vicent Torres explained: "We must all work to improve the supply of our island in all sectors. This segment should be integrated with others such as the beaches, sports, cultural and gastronomic tourism to continue receiving all kinds of visitors with quality and collaboration as a flag".

4th International Nightlife Congress

11.30 am to 1.30 pm on October 9th, the first part of the Congress will include Lutz Leichesenring, the chair of Berlin's "Clubcommission;" Maurizio Pasca, president of both European Nightlife and the Italian Nightlife Association; and Abel Matutes, president of the International Nightlife Association and Palladium Hotel Group's CEO. The three speakers will propose goals for quality tourism under the banner "The Importance of Nightlife Quality for a Tourist Destination".

The second part of the day, "Nightlife and Security," will take place from 3.30 pm to 5.30 pm. A round-table will explore problems and solutions regarding nightclub security measures and spotlight one worldwide security initiative in particular.

Participants will be Yolanda Perdomo, Head of Program for member affiliates of the World Tourism Organization; INA secretary general Joaquim Boadas and Rafael Rodríguez, chairman of Bull Control, among others.

The third part, "Nightlife and noise pollution" begins at 6 pm and will include participants like the Eivissa Council's head of tourism, Vicent Torres, and Ana Espinel, the director of Audiotec.

The fourth and final part of the conference, "How to deal with binge drinking and drugs" will take place from 11 am to 1 pm the following day. This round-table discussion, in addition to seeking solutions to the myriad problems posed by street drinking, binge drinking and underage drinking, will deal in everything from substance abuse to outreach. Participants will also discuss the importance of shielding the nightlife industry from the impact of addictive substances, their impact on the nightlife world's prestige and the industry's responsibility therein. Of particular importance during this part of the Congress will be the attendance of Andrés García, head of the high-profile training firm Emergency Staff.

Finally, the Congress will also analyse "How to prevent sexual assaults, sexist behavior and the use of women as a sexual claim in leisure spaces". A theme that will be addressed from diverse profiles as advertising awareness and will be included in the framework of this Congress. For the island's director of Equality of the Consell d'Eivissa, Judith Romero, "it has been a good idea to include this theme in this Congress, which complements our campaigns in Ibiza, and advocates disseminating the protocols and instruments to avoid all types of aggression against women in this area."

For more information please contact:

Call UK: +447759854251

Spain / WhatsApp: +34681135873

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Las Discotecas Españolas Empezarán a Aplicar el IVA Reducido este Próximo Jueves Día 29 de Junio

Después de la aprobación de la Ley de Presupuestos ayer por parte del Senado, la ley será publicada con toda probabilidad en el B.O.E de mañana, entrando en vigor al día siguiente. 

Después de que el pleno del Senado aprobara definitivamente en fecha de ayer la Ley de Presupuestos para el año 2017, sin que la misma haya sufrido la introducción de ninguna enmienda -por lo que la misma no debe volver al Congreso de los Diputados para su ratificación-, la misma ya está lista pues para ser publicada en el Boletín Oficial del Estado. Dicha ley, ahora ya oficialmente aprobada, incluye en su artículo 60 la rebaja del IVA a las discotecas, pasando este del 21% al 10%. 

Por otro lado, teniendo en cuenta que la Disposición final trigésima quinta de la Ley de Presupuestos establece que la presente Ley entrará en vigor al día siguiente de su publicación en el «Boletín Oficial del Estado», si la publicación se produce como está previsto mañana día 28 de junio, la entrada en vigor de los mismos se producirá el próximo jueves dia 29 de junio (noche del miércoles/madrugada del jueves). Fuentes del Senado consultadas por SPAIN NIGHTLIFE han confirmado que efectivamente, con toda probabilidad, la publicación de producirá mañana día 28 de junio. 

El presidente de la patronal del ocio nocturno SPAIN NIGHTLIFE, José Luis Benítez, que a su vez es el responsable de la asociación OCIO de IBIZA, ha valorado muy positivamente que esta rebaja fiscal ya sea oficial y definitiva, manifestando lo siguiente: "el hecho de que se nos rebaje el IVA en 11 puntos nos devuelve la vida al sector, en un momento clave para hacer todavía más competitivos nuestros locales y para poder contratar más personal de caras a la temporada turística y gracias a ello muchos empresarios podran respirar más tranquilos este verano y dar trabajo a personas que lo necesitan ya que, hasta ahora, con la reducción de gastos impuesta muchos no se lo podían permitir, por lo que hay que celebrar esta doble buena noticia". 

Por su parte, Joaquim Boadas, secretario General SPAIN NIGHTLIFE ha manifestando lo siguiente: "la entrada en vigor de esta rebaja fiscal no podía llegar en un mejor momento, pues cabe tener en cuenta que el 75% de la facturación anual de nuestro sector se produce entre los meses de julio y Agosto, lo que permitirá a muchos de nuestros empresarios recuperarse de las dificultades económicas por las que han tenido que transitar desde finales del año 2012 cuando se aprobó la subida impositiva que siempre hemos calificado de injusta".

Por otro lado, esta medida fiscal, permitirá al sector del ocio nocturno, contratar más personal, por lo que la medida contribuirá también a provocar un adelgazamiento todavía mayor del que habitualmente se produce en esta época del año, del alto índice de paro que sufre nuestro país, sobre todo en la franja de edad comprendida entre los 18 a los 25 años, la más castigada por el paro. Sin embargo, esta rebaja fiscal no implicará necesariamente una rebaja en el precio de las consumiciones pues muchos empresarios se vieron imposibilitados de subrir precios cuando se produjo la subida fiscal debido a la crisis existente, asumiendo los mismos dicho incremento. 

La culminación de la reforma del artículo 91,1.2 de la Ley del IVA a través del artículo 60 de la Ley de Presupuestos, que beneficiará a cerca de 6.000 locales, será un hecho pues el próximo día 29 de junio, con lo que quedará finalmente eliminada de nuestro escenario normativo la aplicación del 21% a todas las actividades recreativas musicales y espectáculos, pasando pues a equiparlas, sin distinción, al resto de actividades de hostelería. La rebaja del tipo impositivo no afectará únicamente a la venta de consumiciones, sino que también lo hará sobre el precio de la entrada a los locales, viéndose beneficiados por dicha medida aquellas salas que ofrezcan actuaciones en directo, considerándose a tal efecto actuación en directo también la actuación de un disc-jockey, según ha informado recientemente la asociación Círculo de Empresarios de Ocio Nocturno de Madrid (CEONM) después de una reunión mantenida con la Secretaría de Estado de Hacienda, lo que supone una nueva buena noticia para el sector. 

Para más información:


Tuesday, 18 April 2017

NIGHT MAYOR - an Ada Colau at Night for Barcelona?

Nightlife Entrepreneurs Propose Council Operative to End Late Night Chaos

An 'Ada Colau' at night to stop Barcelona nightlife excess? 

Employers FECASARM will request city hall creates the “Night Mayor”, a mediator to resolve conflicts between nightclubs and neighbours.

The president of this business organization, Joaquim Boadas, has defended this particular Mayor: "They are a link between politicians and nightlife businesses. While a Mayor sleeps at night, he doesn't know that during this period there is a lot of economic and social activity."

"Night Mayors in Paris, London and Amsterdam mediate conflicts with neighbours and spur business and the creation of jobs at dawn. They customize dialogue between residents and nightlife operators".


In conversation with this newspaper, Mirik Milan, Amsterdam Night Mayor, has appeared. "My position was created in 2003 on a voluntary basis, a few years ago I became a professional, now we are a platform for dialogue in which we find the City Council, neighbours, nightclubs and promoters."

"A night mayor demands commitment from nightlife operators, but also from neighbours. The city has to recognize the benefits of clubs which open until dawn for economic, social and cultural reasons."

This formula allows us to resolve conflicts and pacifies the city

"Clubs end up being responsible for what happens in their surroundings: anti-social behaviour, drinking in public and noise. Those who don't are left outside."

"... and we will raise the BAR"

Milan has exploited the economic benefits of his position in the Dutch capital. 

"The best clubs, most responsible for noise, flow of people and their behaviour, have won licenses to open 24 hours a day on the outskirts of the city."

"Some clubs have restaurants and art galleries next to the dance floor, and those who are most committed to neighbourhood coexistence receive Council rewards like less restrictions, which allows them to raise the bar."

Milan calls for a change in thinking:

"The night mayor is not exportable, first, clubs and neighbours should sit around the same table, and then the figure of mediator happens organically."

Like, for example, in Amsterdam the first night mayor was made aware of sexual harassment of women in clubs. In Cali (Colombia), he campaigns against youth gangs. 

"We are a link between party youths and politicians."


When Jordi Giró was presented with this proposal, as representative of one of the most punished neighbourhoods by anti-social behaviour at night, and President of AV Vila Olímpica, he expressed doubts. 

"Mediation always seems good to us. Although I don’t know the details, mediating in conflicts is always good, our association does it frequently."

Barcelona Nightlife Mayor

The activist, however, points to more pressing needs:

"Before mediating it is necessary to disperse nightlife. Areas with nightclubs are problematic. It is proven. Certain areas have to be dispersed. Otherwise, I'm afraid there's an unbearable flow of people."

According to Giró, Vila Olímpica, located next to Olympic Port party zone, this problem is suffered with all its crudeness:

"We have people from 1 am to 8 am, non-stop, going up and down the streets. Shouting, urinating, fighting and vomiting. Nightclub ‘pools’ are incompatible with neighbourhood life."

Tuesday, 4 April 2017


New VAT Rate Applied to Nightclubs & Party Venues will be 10% Again

SPAIN NIGHTLIFE values ​​very positively the news released this morning

According to the text in the draft law on General State Budgets, which the Government has presented to Congress this very morning, one of the most important new tax developments is the return to the reduced rate of 10% VAT for the so-called "mixed services" like hotels, entertainment, nightclubs and party venues. Therefore, everything indicates to nightclubs and party venues can re-apply the reduced rate of 10% VAT.

This change in legislation could be applied by high season - Summer 2017 - since the Budget Law is expected to take effect from the end of June.

Policy change addresses requests made to both Ministry of Finance and Government by the Association SPAIN NIGHTLIFE. In this matter, SPAIN NIGHTLIFE has been advised at all times by the legal firm GARRIGUES.

President of SPAIN NIGHTLIFE, José Luis Benítez, who is also in charge of the Association "Ocio de Ibiza" has valued very positively this regulatory advance with these words: 

"We have repeatedly demanded the Ministry of Finance apply to the Nightlife Sector the same tax rate which is applied to the rest of the hotel industry because it was unfair we were penalized for playing music and in this respect we felt discriminated. We therefore appreciate this agreement has been reached and we hope everything will go forward until its final approval. Many jobs were at stake this summer, depending on this tax cut, so it comes at a good time. Also, to be taxed at such a high tax rate, with no possibility to increase prices, was drowning the sector and was seriously damaging the competitiveness of our venues, which is worth remembering are a tourist attraction of 1st order."

As a sign of the importance which SPAIN NIGHTLIFE has always given in recent years to the VAT issue, it’s worth mentioning already in 2015 participated in the “International Nightlife Congress” held in Ibiza, where we talked about tax and nightlife. VAT was one of the main topics and, on the other hand, on the 16th and 17th of May, the same association has co-organized the 1st “National Nightlife Congress” in Seville (CNON) where one of the main themes of the presentations is focused on VAT, a role which will be represented by a person in charge of the Ministry of Finance.

For more information call: +441603 612064 
UK Mobile: 07759 854251
WhatsApp: +34 681135873


Cocoon in Madrid to flood LAB Shows with Electronic Dance Music on its only NIGHT in the capital with Italian Style

Cocoon returns to the capital on a unique and exclusive night. Ilario Alicante and Carola Pisaturo will be in charge of proclaiming the essence of a brand which doesn't stop making history. They will do so in a club that lives up to the circumstances as is LAB Espectaculos, which will fill next May 6th with real electronic. An opportunity that without doubt, better not let go.

In a world like this making history is becoming more complicated. Engaging people, satisfying and earning respect are tasks at least for great ideas and / or minds. In electronic music, where competition often reigns, the picture is even worse. To find a mark that offers, with very good roll, all this set of things keeping in them their essence, is to applaud.

Cocoon, with Sven Väth at the head, is a clear and complete example. The brand has almost 20 years in the scene, giving good moments and creating indescribable anecdotes. Because despite the great parties they perform, not everything is jarana. They are creative creators of everything that has to do with the industry: record label, own booking and they usually go on tour around the world presenting their particular concept. And it does not matter the place: go where you go Cocoon makes you feel like in home. The house of Sven Väth has forged everything based on constancy and effort, in an unprecedented fusion.

This year they are starting with their plans in our country. On the one hand we have the glorious line up that they are preparing for the season in Ibiza. They have also presented a residence in Pachá Barcelona every Sunday. And now, after a long time without the capital receiving its visit, we are surprised again with Cocoon in Madrid. Live!

Cocoon at LAB Shows

The event will be on May 6 with a poster of authentic luxury and Italian accent in which Ilario Alicante and Carola Pisaturo will be the protagonists of a line up. Both were the visible face of the brand in Ibiza during last season. A year that for many has been considered as the return of the reign of Cocoon. The promoter faces this summer with renewed strength and a Sven Vath as incombustible as ever.

Ilario Alicante has been giving Cocoon Ibiza for several years. Little by little the young Italian has become one of the most loved and demanded by the public. He is also one of the fixed artists within the tours that Cocoon usually performs by exporting its sound and philosophy around the world.

Carola Pisaturo, on the other hand, is the young bet of the mark of the four circles. After closing last year a round season, the owner of Claque Musique will delight us with her minimal class. This is one of the musical lines that Cocoon takes time including in their line ups (with Villalobos as maximum exponent). Alongside these more engaging rhythms and housemen we have a second, more forceful line, plus Sven Väth. Although we explain this in more detail in this article on the Cocoon line of music in recent years.

Dika will accompany you on this occasion. The young DJ currently residing in Studio76, a producer and DJ based in Madrid but of Belgian origin. His tracks are usually punctured by Maceo Plex, which has him in great consideration. Next May 6 will have the opportunity to demonstrate their skills before the public of LAB who does not want to miss the essence of Ibiza finally again in Madrid.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017


1º CONGRESO NACIONAL de OCIO NOCTURNO (CNON) Amplia Plazo de Inscripción

Amplían plazo de inscripción con precio especial

1er Congreso Nacional de Ocio Nocturno (CNON)

SPAIN NIGHTLIFE da más tiempo para la inscripción

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Wednesday, 15 March 2017



Are hotels, with an anti-terrorist security certificate, the new winners?

Proposed at Internationale Tourismus-Börse (ITB) Fair in Berlin

75% of European Hoteliers Welcome Measure

Since there are already Blue Flags on beaches, TÜV Certificates in elevators, ISO 9001 Certifications for companies and Technical Vehicle Inspections (MOTs)... Why can’t there be a security seal for hotels and tourist destinations facing a terrorist risk? This idea may seem far-fetched to some, because 100% security never exists, but at the ITB fair in Berlin last week the open debate about it has already started.

A terrorist threat has become the number one concern for international tourists, according to the results from several surveys and reports which were presented at the ITB tourism fair.

In fact, it’s "a concern which has gone on since 2014" said Richard Singer, Director of TRAVELZOO, a travel company portal which presented a report on this issue.

"The world is perceived as more dangerous and the reason for this is the emergence of a new type of terrorism, which acts where people spend their holidays or their leisure time, which has had a massive impact" said Richard Singer.

Chronology of Terrorist Attacks

Source: Travelzoo

Fear Marked by Issuing Markets and Destinations

In Japan, for example, 16% of consumers have stopped travelling abroad for fear of an attack. This is 6% in Germany as well as in France; 4% in the United Kingdom and United States; and 5% in Russia.

Regardless, tourists who have decided to continue travelling have their purchase decisions dominated by those destinations they perceive to be safer, to the detriment of others.

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British, French and German tourists, for example, perceive Spain among the five safest destinations, according to Travelzoo survey.

Importance of security for travellers when choosing a destination, according to the issuing market. Source: Travelzoo

Lowering Prices to Counteract Fear Does Not Always Work

Faced with these security related perceptions, some destinations choose to lower prices to encourage sales. But according to the report presented by Travelzoo, this resource doesn’t always work.

"It's a lot more complicated. It will depend on the issuing market and the intensity of perceived fear in each destination" said Richard Singer

For example, faced with a "small terrorist risk", Chinese and American tourists will be the most likely to be convinced by a good bargain, with 60% of consumers willing to book their trip well below the usual price.

The same can’t be said for Germans, French, Russians or Japanese. Fewer than 40% of tourists from these issuing markets respond favourably to huge discounts.

Likelihood of booking a holiday at a destination which has suffered a terrorist attack in the last ten years, according to the issuing market

Source: Travelzoo

International Security Certificates

If price doesn’t work to attract tourists again, what can convince them?

It’s at this point when new initiatives are beginning to be considered, such as creating "safety certificates" for hotels and clubs at tourist destinations.

"It takes a proactive approach as well as a consistency in the tourism industry to communicate what is being done to ensure customer safety with a global approach and a standardized certification system" said Richard Singer.

Will a hotel with a security certificate be free from terrorist attacks?

No, but this seal will tell the customer the venue goes through specific controls to prevent the risk of terrorism, personnel are trained to detect threats, emergency protocols exist in case of an attack, etc.

According to the report presented by Travelzoo, 75% of European hoteliers believe the creation of this seal would help restore consumer confidence as well as implement an industrial safety standard.

"Hotels with these safety certificates will win in the current situation, where terrorism is perceived as the greatest risk" Richard Singer concluded.

Not forgetting after the attacks in Paris, 13 November 2015, the International Nightlife Association requested changes in the law so nightclubs and entertainment venues could trust "a new type of security staff, of a very high level, with specific training to detect possible terrorist threats and even inspect handbags and do body searches, which isn’t currently possible, and even carry weapons.”

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Thursday, 9 March 2017


Spain Nightlife presents


Seville, 16 & 17 May 2017

The Secretary of State for Tourism, Matilde Asián, inaugurates Congress

Aimed at social and economic players involved in the sector: 

Administrations, Professionals, Associations & Consumers

The Exhibition & Congress Palace in Seville (FIBES) will be the setting for the 1st National Nightlife Congress (CNON), which, under the motto "Days are always born at night", will gather in the same space all social and economic agents directly or indirectly involved with this sector, including administrations, entrepreneurs and nighttime professionals, associations and ancillary enterprises and our customers.

The Secretary of State for Tourism, Matilde Asián, will open the Congress on Tuesday 16th May at 10.00 am.

This initiative, which will take place on 16th and 17th May 2017, was born with the main aim of projecting the voices of the sector in an inspiring and motivational way, which, beyond exposing claims and challenges which are currently facing nightlife, is able to value renewal, creativity and professionalization. With this mission, both public and business institutions together with professionals who are working at night perceive the global potential of a dynamic sector, in constant evolution, which permanently incorporates new developments or innovative proposals and connected to the new consumers, in order to follow attracting both national and international investments.

In this sense, this appointment will consist of an important congressional content, divided into presentations, round tables, presentations and networking sessions, to reflect on and share positive experiences innovation and trends and in which both experts from the sector such as administrations with competence in this field, representatives of well known brands and new technologies applied to nightlife, projects, entrepreneurs and sociologists, among others.

Another of the strengths of the Congress will be the debate on the need to establish in different Spanish cities the figure of "Night Mayor" (or Night Czar), as is already the case, for example, in Amsterdam, Paris and London and whose function is, in addition to protecting one of the engines of the economy of these places, act as nightlife ambassador and intermediary between the demands of the sector, consumers and the rest of the population.

Although the full program will soon be unveiled in a public act, the Congress can announce it will count on the presence of Mirik Milan and Lutz Leichsenring, Night Mayors for Amsterdam and Berlin, respectively.

On the other hand, among the topics which will be addressed in the technical sessions include those related to intellectual property rights, taxes, safety, alcohol and noise.

Basic Pillar of the Tourism Sector 

In spite of the process of adaptation to which the sector has had to consequence of the crisis, which has affected the frequency and to consume leisure on the part of the citizens, this continues being a strategic pillar of national tourism as an important social and economic engine. The hotel and restaurant industry in Spain as a whole, more than one million employees and generates a turnover of more than 100,000 million Euros, which is equivalent to approximately 6% of the GDP of the national economy.

Spain is World Leader in this Sector

Seville will host the 1st Congress for this sector at national level while Ibiza will host the 4th edition of the International Nightlife Congress. CNON stands as an unprecedented event in the nightlife sector at a national level, sharing the spotlight with Ibiza. Also known as the “White Island” famous its incomparable offer as a world leader in nightlife is the location every two years of the International Nightlife Congress.