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PACHA (1980 - 1996)

If, like me, you were a regular at PACHA, loved the sofas at JACARA, remember a swimming pool at OH!, or knew ATTICA wasn't a an island off Greece, it’s likely we partied when there were more than 4,000 nightlife venues open in Madrid, however, going out lately is reduced to only 4 times a year, according to a recent survey...

JACARA (1986 - 1991)
Undoubtedly, personal reasons, such as finding child care or work stress, don’t help, but now we are more relieved of our obligations, more mature, [or more hedonistic?], we have a new opportunity for a very well deserved revival.

JACARA ~ 1989

Around 500,000 people go out every week (28% are tourists) and 50% are aged 40 to 54, but they only go out once a month, based on data from Madrid Nightlife Entrepreneur Association “Noche Madrid”. 

This reveals an issue that affects thousands of mature adults... 

Nightlife Disconnection!!

Are your grandparents having more fun than you?
Armed with courage, after launching the most advanced logistics (children with babysitter or grandparents, overcoming the attraction of a comfy armchair or decline invitations to drink at a friend’s house), they get up and by midnight they’re in some random bar, surrounded by youngsters that could very well be their own children while ordering a drink... 

Wondering where last 20 years of your life went?



Concert lovers have an easier job. "Madrileños never stop going to the same concert venues, although they go less often, they known well where to go," according to "Asociación de salas de espectáculos y Música en Directo de Madrid La NOCHE en VIVO (Live Entertainment and Music Clubs in Madrid), which promotes 46 venues.

When concerts cost 1.000 Ptas (€6)
However, many 40+ face serious lack off up-to-date information problems. Give it a try and ask around: 
  • Who hasn't experienced the sense of total failure after returning home early on a Saturday night without finding a decent bar or nightclub?

Barón Pocholo, 52, reappers at night

"La Movida Madrileña" (1980 - 1995)

This generation who partied is going out again after a few years of negligible nocturnal activity, mainly due to the responsibilities of parenthood and the economic crisis; and they’re doing it with specific demands. They want a place that combines: local cuisine, drinks and dancing.

Nightlife Entrepreneurs "Noche Madrid" are adapting to these demands but with some troubles: "Venues are designed for the 20+, everything has changed radically. Red tape is complex and we need to cooperate with the authorities to adapt to changing times."

Jesus del Pozo, Elena Benarroch, Javier Mariscal, Miguel Bose, Carlos Berlanga
Ana Torroja, Lolita Flores, Mercedes Mila, Bibi Anderson, Pedro Almodovar

Federacion Española Bebidas Espirituosas

Nightlife has changed, it is more mature and calmer [and so am I]. We have become radical beer drinkers. Since 2007, according to the Spanish Drinks Federation “Sales of SPIRITS has dropped by 40%”. 

*Drink Sensibly*

Nowadays, Gin is more popular but whiskey is still the most consumed, followed by rum

The 40+ [grown-up clubbers] have two things clear:
  1. Their favourite brand. 
  2. They order drinks that require careful preparation. 

A quick, cheap and poorly mixed drink is just not good enough.

Does clubbing stop at 40?

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