Tuesday, 16 June 2015


Amateur Public Sex in Madrid (Video)

 Filman a una pareja teniendo sexo en pleno centro madrileño

Maybe more typical in Magaluf, Benidorm, or any other tourist destination on the Spanish coast notorious for controversial sexual behaviour, but this time, in the heart of Madrid

Specifically, next to the traffic lights that control the crossroads on “Calle Cea Bermudez” and “Calle Guzmán El Bueno, by Metro station “Islas Filipinas”.
Coincidently, not far from the famous nightclubs Penelope” and MITTY (Cats) and the infamous [OMG! This place opens at 6 am..] after-hours Soniquete
Regardless, the actual location chosen by this couple - of unknown nationality - to have sex in public, was well lit by lampposts and dangerously close to Madrid nightlife traffic. 
However, as seen in the video, the youngsters froze for several seconds during their blind moment of passion... while the driver jokingly threatened to "post the video on Facebook". He did. Enjoy.

This incident was witnessed by several passers by. One driver felt compelled to film the scene. This local, who by chance had stopped at the red light, took out his mobile phone, filmed the couple having sex, while encouraging them to shamelessly continue.

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