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The Best Nightclubs in Madrid

Here's our list of recommended nightclubs in Madrid...

"Fortuny" is a unique venue and has been considered for years - since 1997 - to be one of the most exclusive nightclubs for the upper-middle class in Madrid and is ideal for clubbers over 30.

Located in the “Chamberi” district, right next to “Paseo de la Castellana”. This nightclub is actually inside an authentic mid-19th century palace surrounded by lush gardens, which become a splendid outdoor terrace in the summer. A calm island with good taste located in the heart of Madrid.

The cool nightclub has two separate dance floors that both play the latest commercial house music. Over 600 mature and beautiful people - including celebrities - fill the weekends of this venue providing a wonderfully classy environment.

The intimacy of its cosy restaurant rooms reflected on the Venetian mirrors, the brightness of its century crystal chandelier and fine yarn tablecloths make an ideal setting to enjoy the exquisite flavours of its extraordinary contemporary cuisine able to surprise the most discerning palates with a creative, complete and varied menu.

Their dishes, made with quality products, are true culinary gems, colourful combinations of delicate and intense flavours that will not leave anyone indifferent. They also store the best national wines in the cellar.

"Liberata" is located slightly north of the city centre and is one of the most charming and beautiful nightclubs in Madrid. An ideal playroom for middle class clubbers aged 25 to 45.

Designers have created a warm and glamorous atmosphere, perfect for enjoying a great night out in Madrid. The decked floor on the terrace, which gives access to the club, displays a Japanese fountain. Inside is carefully decorated with candles, reeds and bamboo.

Liberata is an exclusive nightclub with modern but warm decor, which revolves around 2 outdoor Japanese style courtyards built in the gardens where a waterfall is the main feature. The seating areas around the 3 bars combines minimalist New York design with trendy wooden furniture.

Modern technology lights up on the dance floor. Local live-music acts on a large stage is not always clearly visible to a maximum capacity of 400 clubbers, so images are projected on huge flat screen TVs, providing a quality show for all.

Characterized by its musical offerings, playing the best contemporary tunes blended with classics seamlessly thanks to their resident DJ's, offering an exquisite selection of tunes.

Spectacular scenery, intimate and cosy spaces, packed with beautiful people since 2010.

Yep, 'Nells’ is a unique rock-club and an ideal hang-out for Indies, Mods and Preps alike, who want to let their hair down listening to bands like AC/DC.

This venue began hosting a ‘Flamenco’ show in the 80's, and was converted in the 90's - then called “Dido” - in to one of the most exclusive nightclubs in Madrid. But popularity began to decline...

Resurrected again in 2007 as ‘Nells’, but this time to the sound of an electric-guitar. They claim to be the "black sheep in the posh district" [Salamanca]. There is no dress-code based on neither foot ware nor appearance. Music played is Rock shaken with Brit Pop & Indietronic.

Occasionally, local rock bands will play covers like Franz Ferdinand, Ramones, Pixies, The Ting Tings, The Killers, The Strokes, Nirvana, Oasis, Blur...

Taboo is located in the heart of "Malasaña" and has been a surreal circus adventure, designed for the big kids in the city, since they opened in 2001. A nightclub to develop your senses, where the past and future converges in to a present full of surprises. An open stage for the best current proposals, a meeting point to experience and enjoy live entertainment.

TABOO is mainly used as a concert hall, with a wide variety of shows that transmit energy to a vibrant and appreciative audience with excellent sound quality.

They program a variety of music styles, from reviving decades of rhythms to other alternative trends, fusing ethnic and electronic music with live performances and DJs. Live music is combined with other arts and disciplines such as painting, sculpture, literature, photography, film, theatre, dance, computer graphics, audiovisual, graphic design, décor, atmosphere... at all levels, from discovering new talent to established artists, providing an opportunity for interesting and innovative proposals for new artists to perform with prominent stars.

A nightclub to have a drink and let yourself be surprised by the events that take place each night in a great atmosphere where you can tastefully breathe harmony and the positive vibes.

Taboo has always offered musical and cultural activities: especially concerts, festivals and sound systems. In addition to theatre performances, record and book presentations, exhibitions, and other famous art parties.

Since the Teatro Barcelo was built in 1930, it has continued to be a symbol of modernization. Its original architecture broke all the established norms of the time making it an emblematic building.

A building of historical importance: it was once a theatre and then a cinema, to become in the 80s the legendary club "PACHA Madrid" and the meeting point for the "Movement Madrilena". One of the best entertainment venues in the city that has marked Madrid's nightlife.

In 2012 "Grupo Trapote" [who also own "Teatro JOY Eslava"] recovered the name "Teatro Barcelo" for the building and "TClub" for the nightclub in order to star in the capital's nightlife scene, recovering the original glamor and magic while providing the highest quality facilities, service and fun.

Teatro Barcelo has changed everything except, most importantly, their ability to entertain their customers with a multi-level venue ideal for diversion. Capacity for up to 1000 clubbers.


Joy is a well known nightclub across Europe and has attracted multi-national clubbers since 1981. Its central location - only a few minutes walk from "La Puerta del Sol" - makes it very easy to find. A popular tourist place to have fun with the locals. Located in a safe area with police going up and down the streets all night.

DJ's play a great mix of trendy dance music. Joy Eslava is one of the longest running nightclubs in Madrid - famous and mythical - since it opened. Nationally and internationally recognized. A must for all those visiting Madrid, one of the most successful nightclubs. Friendly mixed crowd, full of students, tourists, internationals, "Madrilenos" and clubbers from all over Spain. Incredible performances on an immense stage that some nights is a VIP zone, with go-go dancers on platforms too. Open daily with a different session every night creating an amazing fun atmosphere.

Converted from an old 1950's theatre, the three levels overlooking the unique oval dance floor on the ground / street level, share the same varied commercial music style, RnB and excellent remixes. Maximum capacity for up to 1800 clubbers. Easy entrance with limited requirements but dress nicely.

More info here: madridnightlife.com

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