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3rd Golden Moon Awards


Ibiza hosts 4th International Nightlife Congress & 3rd Golden Moon Awards

They will unveil a list of The World's 100 Best Clubs and announce the Number #1

For the first time ever, selections will be largely based on clubbers' picking their favorite club on the International Nightlife Association's Facebook page

Held in Ibiza at the sumptuous Ushuaïa Tower

At last year's ceremony in Las Vegas, when the award for "World's Best Club" was given to "Omnia Las Vegas" second place went to 2015's champion "Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel". 

Third prize was nabbed by Brazil's "Green Valley" and "Pacha Ibiza" came in fourth.

The Golden Moon Awards themselves will be based on the nominations and votes received via Facebook

Nominees can be selected until September 3rd, with voting beginning on the 7th and ending the 25th

"We want club goers themselves to take part in deciding this exclusive list by nominations and ranking. In the final selection of top clubs, public vote counts for 30% and the remaining 70% is decided by a panel of experts composed of industry luminaries, beverage company execs, tourism insiders and INA members."

In addition to naming and celebrating "The World's 100 Best Clubs", the Gala features honors like Most Developed Nightlife Business, Best Outreach, Best Nightlife Group, Best Sound and Best VIP Service... 17 awards in total.

As part of the International Nightlife Congress's 4th year, a quartet of global experts will explore four nightlife areas, like the creation of quality standards and protocol within the industry and success stories such as Ibiza.

Organizer Joaquim Boadas said "a gathering of key industry players who regard Ibiza as a benchmark in leisure and entertainment" and asserted "nightlife has put Ibiza on the map and it's important we carry this forward".

Abel Matutes Prats, President of the International Nightlife Association and General Manager of "Palladium" Hotel Group, said he was proud this event and gala were celebrated in Ibiza.

Organizers thanked Palladium Hotel Group and the local authority "Consell d'Eivissa" for supporting the Congress in crusading to raise the bar with professional tourism and nightlife "by creating a forum for sharing experiences and giving a way to strategies and new tools for improving our image in the industry".

The island's Director of Tourism of the Consell d'Eivissa, Vicent Torres explained: "We must all work to improve the supply of our island in all sectors. This segment should be integrated with others such as the beaches, sports, cultural and gastronomic tourism to continue receiving all kinds of visitors with quality and collaboration as a flag".

4th International Nightlife Congress

11.30 am to 1.30 pm on October 9th, the first part of the Congress will include Lutz Leichesenring, the chair of Berlin's "Clubcommission;" Maurizio Pasca, president of both European Nightlife and the Italian Nightlife Association; and Abel Matutes, president of the International Nightlife Association and Palladium Hotel Group's CEO. The three speakers will propose goals for quality tourism under the banner "The Importance of Nightlife Quality for a Tourist Destination".

The second part of the day, "Nightlife and Security," will take place from 3.30 pm to 5.30 pm. A round-table will explore problems and solutions regarding nightclub security measures and spotlight one worldwide security initiative in particular.

Participants will be Yolanda Perdomo, Head of Program for member affiliates of the World Tourism Organization; INA secretary general Joaquim Boadas and Rafael Rodríguez, chairman of Bull Control, among others.

The third part, "Nightlife and noise pollution" begins at 6 pm and will include participants like the Eivissa Council's head of tourism, Vicent Torres, and Ana Espinel, the director of Audiotec.

The fourth and final part of the conference, "How to deal with binge drinking and drugs" will take place from 11 am to 1 pm the following day. This round-table discussion, in addition to seeking solutions to the myriad problems posed by street drinking, binge drinking and underage drinking, will deal in everything from substance abuse to outreach. Participants will also discuss the importance of shielding the nightlife industry from the impact of addictive substances, their impact on the nightlife world's prestige and the industry's responsibility therein. Of particular importance during this part of the Congress will be the attendance of Andrés García, head of the high-profile training firm Emergency Staff.

Finally, the Congress will also analyse "How to prevent sexual assaults, sexist behavior and the use of women as a sexual claim in leisure spaces". A theme that will be addressed from diverse profiles as advertising awareness and will be included in the framework of this Congress. For the island's director of Equality of the Consell d'Eivissa, Judith Romero, "it has been a good idea to include this theme in this Congress, which complements our campaigns in Ibiza, and advocates disseminating the protocols and instruments to avoid all types of aggression against women in this area."

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