Tuesday, 18 April 2017

NIGHT MAYOR - an Ada Colau at Night for Barcelona?

Nightlife Entrepreneurs Propose Council Operative to End Late Night Chaos

An 'Ada Colau' at night to stop Barcelona nightlife excess? 

Employers FECASARM will request city hall creates the “Night Mayor”, a mediator to resolve conflicts between nightclubs and neighbours.

The president of this business organization, Joaquim Boadas, has defended this particular Mayor: "They are a link between politicians and nightlife businesses. While a Mayor sleeps at night, he doesn't know that during this period there is a lot of economic and social activity."

"Night Mayors in Paris, London and Amsterdam mediate conflicts with neighbours and spur business and the creation of jobs at dawn. They customize dialogue between residents and nightlife operators".


In conversation with this newspaper, Mirik Milan, Amsterdam Night Mayor, has appeared. "My position was created in 2003 on a voluntary basis, a few years ago I became a professional, now we are a platform for dialogue in which we find the City Council, neighbours, nightclubs and promoters."

"A night mayor demands commitment from nightlife operators, but also from neighbours. The city has to recognize the benefits of clubs which open until dawn for economic, social and cultural reasons."

This formula allows us to resolve conflicts and pacifies the city

"Clubs end up being responsible for what happens in their surroundings: anti-social behaviour, drinking in public and noise. Those who don't are left outside."

"... and we will raise the BAR"

Milan has exploited the economic benefits of his position in the Dutch capital. 

"The best clubs, most responsible for noise, flow of people and their behaviour, have won licenses to open 24 hours a day on the outskirts of the city."

"Some clubs have restaurants and art galleries next to the dance floor, and those who are most committed to neighbourhood coexistence receive Council rewards like less restrictions, which allows them to raise the bar."

Milan calls for a change in thinking:

"The night mayor is not exportable, first, clubs and neighbours should sit around the same table, and then the figure of mediator happens organically."

Like, for example, in Amsterdam the first night mayor was made aware of sexual harassment of women in clubs. In Cali (Colombia), he campaigns against youth gangs. 

"We are a link between party youths and politicians."


When Jordi Giró was presented with this proposal, as representative of one of the most punished neighbourhoods by anti-social behaviour at night, and President of AV Vila Olímpica, he expressed doubts. 

"Mediation always seems good to us. Although I don’t know the details, mediating in conflicts is always good, our association does it frequently."

Barcelona Nightlife Mayor

The activist, however, points to more pressing needs:

"Before mediating it is necessary to disperse nightlife. Areas with nightclubs are problematic. It is proven. Certain areas have to be dispersed. Otherwise, I'm afraid there's an unbearable flow of people."

According to Giró, Vila Olímpica, located next to Olympic Port party zone, this problem is suffered with all its crudeness:

"We have people from 1 am to 8 am, non-stop, going up and down the streets. Shouting, urinating, fighting and vomiting. Nightclub ‘pools’ are incompatible with neighbourhood life."

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