Sunday, 21 June 2015


Lisa LaBeau Reporting Live…

Big Summer Kick Off to Festivities this Afternoon at “Akua” 

This is a great party for the summer solstice! 

Akua is an exciting outdoor nightclub in Madrid with beautiful people and today's weather is perfect. 

Why wouldn't I want to be here? 

Akua has a unique design; there are small separate pools around the venue, each on different levels. 

The fountains and water jets make Akua very ascetically appealing. 

Tanned, beautiful people are playing, relaxing on rafts and altogether enjoying themselves. 

But let’s not forget about the dancing. People are dancing in the water, on the stairs and on the dance floor. 

Many different DJs are playing during the day and night, with the sound amplified all around the venue. I had the opportunity to speak to the first DJ who played on the set…

Joss de Pfyffer

How does it feel to play at big events?

“It’s my fourth one so far and sometimes it’s nerve racking, but whatever happens, you have fun and it’s a way to party and work at the same time.”

Do you have any future projects?

“Yes, in September I’ll be working with Twist for Erasmus students... taking them to new and exciting places.”

What kind of Music do you play?

“Deep house!”

How's the sound system and today's venue?

“They were both really great! It was fun to play here!”

Akua also has great views of Madrid. There are many places to sit-down about the venue, and there are also some very relaxing areas where you can take a break if you danced excessively.

Akua party is going on the whole summer, so don’t miss this chance to check out the outdoor/ daytime/ pool party/ clubbing scene whenever you can!

For DJ bookings contact Joss: via facebook

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