Monday, 2 November 2015

FABRIK: Drugs & Alcohol Outside - Overcrowded Inside

Thousands of young people went on Saturday to Fabrik to celebrate Halloween night

Angels, demons, witches, zombies, ghosts, vampires, monsters, girlfriends, exorcists, Draculas, bats, faceless men ... each with its style and very different, or even without them costumes, but none of the young people lacked in his hand a vulgar white plastic bag carrying the alcohol for "macrobotellón", the start of the night. Factory Avenue (Humanes) encourage began shortly before midnight on Saturday bound for UniversiParty Fabrik, a mega celebration of the many organized by the country's biggest nightclub owned by Kapital Group. The first thousand to enter disguised entitled to free entrance but many chose presale, 17 Euros with a drink if they arrived before 1.30 am and 28 Euros on the door. 

On Wednesday they stopped advance ticket sales due to capacity problems, as confirmed by a tweet sent by the nightclub promoters. "Important, Wednesday Fabrik all tickets for Halloween are removed for reasons of capacity," reads the message. The permitted capacity is ONLY 3,550 people but several parties have talked about the sale of 6,000 and even 10,000 tickets. New Year's Eve 2013 the organization was forced to suspend the party shortly before the start due to the threat of counterfeit tickets and the impossibility of their verification. 

Undercover reporters attended the Halloween event to confirm the crowd overflow and witness the course of the festival. Coincided with the third anniversary of the tragedy of Madrid Arena, which killed five young girls, and so many people have complained that they had not complied with the rules on the premises. 

The party at the track took a while to acclimate because it was outside where many of the attendees chose to stay at the beginning to get drunk and some even came to enter. Outside there was music, atmosphere and especially drink much cheaper. At one in the morning music coming from inside the car with the trunk open bottles filled with alcohol, which came racing inside Fabrik. Many groups are always formed around the beverage. Shortly he passed from one o'clock, that is, the party just started, and already the sad scene of a young faint by the effects of alcohol are witnessing. Friends nervous, shouts, gestures of not knowing what to do. Two campus security members approached but did not give much importance, does not seem anything out of the ordinary but the girl still lying without reacting. Shortly afterwards two municipal police patrols and four officers were given around the vicinity. Everything seemed in order. 

A group of medical students took a few drinks in the middle of the parking lot. "This is nothing with which it is mounted inside" comment. "It is the biggest club in the country, many people, but not going to happen," they argue. State that advance tickets are exhausted, "I do not know if now sell more." No queue at the box office, not excessive and buy late supposed to pay 11 euros more than if it had been anticipated sale. And if you arrive after 1:30 they paid only 28 euros to enter, without the right to drink. At the door there are several input rows in each security man asked ticket and identification. Entrance with a code, validated to confirm that it is not a copy. "No ID no entrance," they say to a young woman who had forgotten it, "the exhibition are the rules." When accompanied eventually let her in. The ticket give him the cup at the entrance and inside sell 11 or 12 euros (depending on whether national or international drink) and three glasses bonds to 25 euros, with discounts for members. 

Fabrik prepared a big party, with pop, funk, reggaeton, salsa, dance and house. American animation on stage 9 DJ's one guy, not to mention go-go dancers. There was a costume contest and the winner (a zombie and his jacket) will go to Ibiza next year university mega-party. He not lacking an amateur striptease contest male and female. This place, a warehouse of huge dimensions and many rooms with several passages, was filled slowly. Around 4 in the morning there were long lines to get in, as opposed to the beginning, and most of them with obvious effects of alcohol. VIP tickets were also sold, with access to exclusive areas. And still holding out. For several hours there was no sign of the police, which will be today if they report incidents in the course of the party and its vicinity. 

The last hours of the party were truly overwhelming to excess people on the track, hallways, corridors and bathrooms. In addition, many under the influence of alcohol and the drugs. Lamentable scenes, like a young peeing at the entrance barely able to keep his balance. This is how some university wanted to celebrate in style the night of the dead.

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