Saturday, 9 August 2014

Ibiza is a party paradise and, unfortunately, is where new types of drugs are tested every year and where many people associate partying with ingesting these substances.

A few weeks ago we told the alleged entry of the "cannibal drug" in Ibiza, today we come with something completely different, and Colonel of the Guardia Civil in Baleares, Jaume Barceló, wants to work closely with British Police to prevent drug entry to the island, the Mecca of electronics.

This is just a year after Melissa Reid McCollum and Michaella Connolly, two British employees of the island, tried to sneak in to Peru drugs worth £1.5 million from the island.

Anti-drug campaign

Colonel Barceló wants to radically eradicate entrance to all of these substances in the "White Island" and by all means, talking to BBC he said: "This measure implies that each Guardia Civil would have a British policeman at his side to work together at specific spots of the island. "

This would gain more ground on the island and to follow more closely the gangs and traffickers and suspected carriers of this type of illegal substances.

The Home Office has not confirmed anything about this but Colonel knows that "we still have a long way to go in this international cooperation, but we are trying to deepen this cooperation."

"Drugs are coming from abroad, drugs come from organizations based in other countries, like in your country," said the Civil Guard to the main British broadcaster. "We agree that the big bands perform many activities. First intoxicated youth. This is not achieved in three days, or even 15. that people stop using a process that can take months. "

The Civil Guard cooperation with such international assistance can greatly assist the productive development of this initiative. We'll see how events are developing.

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