Wednesday, 11 May 2016

SPACE IBIZA will belong to Ushuaïa

Matutes Converts “SPACE IBIZA” in to Luxury Nightclub

Entrepreneur Pepe Rosselló reserves the right to use the Trade Mark for everything (except “nightclub”)

New owners debate whether to continue using world famous brand?

Last Season for Nightclub SPACE Ibiza!

The lease of the venue on “Platja d'en Bossa” expires later this summer and its new owners, the company “Matutes Group”, already have plans to convert the mythical Ibiza nightlife venue, after Pepe Rosselló closes this last season as director of the super club he opened in 1989.

"We want to take over and continue with the project of making “Playa d'en Bossa” an entertainment zone", explains Abel Matutes Prats, CEO of “Palladium Hotel Group” and vice-president of “Grupo Empresas Matutes”. He also flatly denied any "rumours" that alleged they planned to set up a shopping centre in the building, "Not at all!" he firmly stated.

Matutes Prats also mentioned the world famous “Space Ibiza” brand is now owned by the group, which belonged to Pepe Rosselló for the last 27 years.

The veteran nightlife businessman acknowledged this, but clarified these rights are restricted "to the class 41", that is, they would be limited to use it in the leisure and recreation sector, "linked to the nightclub on Platja d' en Bossa" and it cannot be used for any other activities such as "hotels or merchandising”. This situation can be the key to the survival of the brand on the island where it originated, because limiting potential revenue to Matutes from those derived from the sale of T-shirts and clothes with a brand rights Rosello has kept hold of.

"We have no reason to change it." said Matutes. He explained they are "considering" the decision, but when asked about his intentions, and after insisting "it is still a little bit too early to say," ending with a "We'll see!"

When asked whether this is the last season of Space on the island... *Laughter*

What Matutes is clear about with this new project is their gamble on the sector's most exclusive tourists: "Obviously, we want to keep the club, but we want it dedicated to specific clientele we aiming for, who will be complementary to those who currently attend Ushuaïa".

Refurbishing Will Start After the Summer

Transformation of the club launched by Rosello won’t be delayed, and indeed will be the priority of Palladium at the end of this summer. "We will revamp the club and focus on the area around the venue" with the idea to reopen in time for next 2017 season.

Other proposed refurbishment of venues, such as the conversion of “Cala Nova” in to a high-level hotel only for adults will be postponed. Matutes said that might take more than a year to complete.

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