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8-9 February 2017

Aimed at sociological-economic agents involved in the sector, including public administrations, professionals, associations and consumers

The Exhibition & Congress Centre in Seville (FIBES) will host the first “Spanish Nightlife Congress” (Congreso Español de Ocio Nocturno or CEON), which, under the slogan "Days are born at night", will bring together in one space all socioeconomic agents directly or indirectly linked to this sector, which include administrations, nightlife businessmen and professionals, associations and ancillary businesses and consumers themselves.

This initiative which will take place on 8th and 9th February 2017. Created with the main objective of projecting voices in an inspirational and motivational way sector, which, beyond exposing claims and challenges currently faced by nightlife entertainment venues, achieving value its capacity for renewal, creativity and professionalism. With this mission, intended for both public institutions such business directors and professionals working at night can perceive the overall potential of a dynamic industry, constantly evolving, incorporating permanently new developments or innovative proposals and connected to new consumers in order to continue to attract both domestic and international investments.

This event will consist of major congress content divided into: lectures, panel discussions, presentations and networking sessions. Designed to encourage reflection and sharing of positive experiences on innovation and trends. Involving industry experts and authorities with powers in this area, representatives of well-known brands and new technologies applied to nightlife, business projects and sociologists, among others.

Another of the strengths of the Congress will be the debate on the need to establish in different Spanish cities the figure of "Night Mayor". Night Mayors already exist in Amsterdam, Paris and Toulouse. Their function, in addition to protect one of economy’s engines, is to be a Nightlife Ambassador. A middle-man between the city council, the demands of industry, consumers and other citizens.

This approach is subject to study and will be presented as part of the celebration of this first annual event, organized by “Spain Nightlife”, the largest National Nightlife Association together with “Andalucia Nightlife”, and sponsored by “Abbsolute Group”. Although the full program will be announced shortly in a public act, they have announced it will be attended by Mirik Milan, Night Mayor of Amsterdam.

On the other hand, among the issues to be addressed in the technical sessions include those related to intellectual property rights, taxes, safety or noise pollution.

Basic Pillar of Tourism 

Despite the process of adaptation that has had to undergo the sector as a result of the crisis, which has affected the frequency and manner of consuming nightlife by citizens, this remains a strategic pillar of the national tourism as a major engine socioeconomic. The hotel and catering industry as a whole in Spain provides over a million jobs and generates a turnover of more than 100,000 million Euros, which is around 6% of GDP of Spain’s economy.

Seville Nightlife Capital

Thanks to this Congress, Sevilla will become for a few days a great showcase for the sector. The choice of location is not trivial, since the city is the international symbol and a model of extensive nightlife, conciliatory, sociable. Thus, this event will contribute to strengthening the position of Seville as the capital of quality nightlife.

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