Saturday, 19 November 2016


Reut is a “lady styling” teacher in Latin and African dances, originally from Israel. Her BIG specialisation is "Body Isolation Techniques" or B.I.T. Workouts. 

She helps armatures and professional dancers perfectly move and CONTROL different parts of their body (booty, hips, waves and all the sexy moves) to make their dance, performance - and even their sex life – reach a higher level (apparently, it works) 

What is B.I.T.?

Body Isolation Technique is a workout on various parts of the body, by controlling and shaping, using modern and sexy movements. 

With BIT classes, you we learn to isolate and workout specific areas important to you, like thighs, booty, belly, hips, arms and the rest, while dancing. 

These classes are as efficient as cardio but make your body much more flexible, giving you huge confidence where you might actually end up redefining the word "sexy"

BIT classes are also suitable for professional dancers who want to increase their movement range and become better dancers in every style (Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, Zouk, African, Ballet...)

Reut is also searching for a dance studio to rent in Madrid for her students, so if you have one, please contact her.

Email Reut for more info:

or call her mobile: +972526474220

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