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Spanish Nightlife Entrepreneurs Expect to Turnover 10% Less this Christmas 

Christmas Eve & New Year’s Eve Both Saturdays

Press Release via: Spain Nightlife

Extended hours, office dinners and high hotel occupancy for New Year's Eve will significantly reduce the effects of this expected decrease in income

Main Christmas festivity days this year are not to the liking of businessmen in the nightlife sector, since the coincidence of Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve on Saturday nights will lead to a decrease in revenue expected during these holidays by 10% on average. 


This decrease in revenue will be partially offset by a higher turnout for New Year's Eve, an increase in dinners as well as closing time extensions granted in most of Spain, in some cases by the City Council and in others by the County Council. 


This will also help alleviate the negative effects of the coincidence – on the contrary – long Constitution Bank Holiday Double Weekend, which lands on Tuesday 6th and Thursday 8th December.


So where can we party the longest?

These time extensions are so diverse for nightlife, ranging from extra time allowed for New Year's Eve in Extremadura and in towns such as Toledo and Cuenca.

Nightclubs can open until...

  • Valencia: 9.00 am
  • Granada: 8.30 am
  • Pamplona: 7.30 am
  • Cataluña: 7.30 am 

This will significantly alleviate the effects of economic damages which could have been worse and therefore, extended hours this year will make more necessary than ever, especially for New Year's Eve, Christmas Eve and Reyes [The 12th Night]


Despite extended opening hours in most of Spain's cities has been granted for extra time between 30 minutes and 2 hours depending on the type of license and in many cases from 21st or 23rd of December until the 6th of January (La Rioja, Extremadura, Basque Country, Catalonia, Castile, Leon...) nightlife businessmen are concerned about the Christmas calendar. 


"The two most important festivities during the Christmas holidays, such as December 24th and New Year's Eve, coincide on Saturday, so our venues will miss out on the opportunity of spreading the workload over different days of the week, concentrating the same in only two "strong" days [and nights] which coincide with the weekend. Such is our luck, the ‘Constitution’ Bank Holiday Week, coincides in reverse, and therefore favours us.” 
José Luis Benítez, President of SPAIN NIGHTLIFE

To counter this decline in revenue, entrepreneurs rely on Christmas dinners and New Year's Eve - the most important night of the year for the nightlife sector - to recover from the last few months of low turnover and the serious industry crisis has been dragging on for years. 

This negative situation gets much worse with the 13% TAX raise [to 21%] we have not yet recovered.

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In this sense, Alfonso Maceda, president of the association TEBADIS (Terrazas, Bars and Discotheques of Andalusia) has asked the different administrations to advance the date of the beginning of the Christmas hour extension since many Christmas dinners take place before Day 21 or 23 of December. And as an example, the business leader has mentioned the cases of Extremadura where the hourly extension begins on December 1 or the case of the Basque Country, where the Christmas hour extension begins on December 15.


As for New Year's Eve, which as we have said coincides on Saturday, the whole weekly party will concentrate a lot on that night, so from SPAIN NIGHTLIFE we predict that nightlife restaurants and nightlife throughout Spain will reach 95% average occupancy (90% was recorded last year despite the fact that New Year's Eve coincided on Thursday). 


This forecast of high occupancy, will help to partially counteract the effects of the bad Christmas calendar. In this respect, from SPAIN NIGHTLIFE we recommend therefore that people act with foresight and reserve date for dinner and buy their entry for New Year's Eve with an anticipation, since it provides an absolute full in many restaurants and entertainment places throughout Spain.

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