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Lozano's Plan to Open Restaurant Goes South

Negotiation Discrepancies Cause Nightlife Entrepreneur to Abandon Project...

FFS! Here we go again

The opening of a restaurant & bar called "ARTYS" in the stables of the "Liria" Palace was scheduled for mid-October. 

The day chosen for the inauguration of this initiative was no coincidence, since it would coincide with the first anniversary of the death of Cayetana Fitz-James Stuart aka "Duquesa de Alba", who died last November. 

Cayetana de Alba (1926-2014)
It was to become a nightlife landmark, a fancy restaurant called "Artys", identified by a 6500 square feet ceiling fraught with paintings and pictures. The venue was divided into two: the restaurant and another room for organized events.

Responsible for everything, so far, was Oscar Lozano, a businessman with extensive experience in the hospitality and leisure industry, and well-known after triumphing with nightclubs like Coyote and Buddha Bar. However, Lozano has pulled out due to personal disagreements with his business partner. 

"A month before the opening, my partner and I sat down to talk about the contract and I saw there were many loose ends and chose to abandon the project. It's a personal problem due to discrepancies in the contract and management of the venue. The Duke of Alba has nothing to do with it, he will go on, but without me. Each has taken different paths, but I wish him well in his new venture."

Duke receives news ARTYS is going elsewhere

The décor of this place would play the main foyer of the "Liria" Palace itself, wrapped in class and distinction, and perhaps somewhat rococo vintage for this moment. The point is Artys as such will continue, but not in the stables of the palace. Oscar Lozano will continue on his own.

"We will open the doors very soon in another emblematic area of Madrid, but for now I prefer to keep it secret. I have brought with me everything I had created so far and I assure it will be successful. We will take most of the decoration and the investment in the stables so far, with not only the brand but my select clientèle after years in this business."

Oscar Lozano said Carlos Fitz-James Stuart, the new Duke of Alba, was "delighted" with the project. The aristocrat also push ahead with the plans to open a restaurant in the stables, and the rent was exciting before the clashes occurred between partners. "We had signed a 25 year contract with them, until now it was a Chinese restaurant, when I was going to start this project and what was clear they wanted to go with him."

With or without Lozano

The Duke needs to monetize and capitalize on the extensive properties inherited after the death of Doña Cayetana and it is getting. It's clearly known the public opening of the "Palacio de las Dueñas" in Seville, although a reserved floor is kept private. Now, the new Duke wants to take advantage of the facilities of the "Liria" Palace in Madrid, with or without Oscar Lozano.

Venue management without the well known entrepreneur will be quite different from what was expected. But the monthly revenue was also expected to allow them to better cope with the Duke heritage conservation. 

Venue management declared to Madrid Nightlife "Oscar was our Marketing Director and failing to reach an agreement our employment contract ended! We will continue with our venue in Liria Palace and I guess he will open a nightclub or something, I have no idea."

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